The first milestones of our company, which took its place in the sector in the last century, where innovative thinking has increased rapidly, as required by the competition and developing technology, have been laid in Konya in the first quarter of 2004 by "ALİ SAĞLAM".

Our production, which starts with a mechanical turning machine and continues without slowing down, continues with the latest technology and more precise computerized (cnc) machines. Our company, advancing with the awareness that quality does not occur spontaneously since its establishment and making it a principle, is progressing by adding momentum to its dynamic and periodic growth. Vision to announce its name in the global market with professional teams and equipment; Its mission is to protect its current brand within the framework of honesty, dynamism and quality.

 The agriculture and milling sectors; Our company, which supplies gearboxes, gears and spare parts, entered the plastics industry in 2009 as well as the power resulting from the continuous working principle.

Our company, with its developing machinery and expert team, has managed to carry its high quality products that it produces domestically outside our country in 2011.

Our company started to manufacture agricultural machinery transmissions and plastic spare parts in 2015, not being indifferent to the increasing demands and deficiencies in the sector.

In line with the needs of the ever-increasing world population, the increasing consumption and growing agricultural lands, we are proud of producing high-quality and flawless in 2017 gearboxes, plastic and essential spare parts for 50,000 agricultural machines annually.

Our company became a group company in 2020 by not meeting the increasing demand for domestic and foreign trade in line with high level R&D and innovation studies.

In order to contribute more to the development of our national economy, it continues to shape its future with the success it has received from its past, with the pride of presenting our high quality products, our own agricultural machinery under the name of "AGRİ SAĞLAM TARIM MAKİNELERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ".

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